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Friday, June 1, 2012

Dream Time

"She was wearing something pink, and I remember that I was wearing a tweed sport coat.  We walked into the house, and headed for the bedroom.  It was at the top of a small staircase; It was a loft and and overlooked the living room.  The bed was to the right. It was huge and covered with cool, white cotton sheets, and smothered with overstuffed  pillows..."

"We lay down on the bed and intertwined like pasta.  I kissed her. She groaned.  I slipped out of bed, and put on my coat, and walked down the stairs and out the door."

When I returned, I found myself on the ceiling, looking down on the bed.  She was nude and surrounded by the was white sheets and pillows. Her hair was blonde. Her skin was slightly tan.  She is beauty in that rumpled sea of covers, pillows and blankets.

In the next moment, I am next to her and naked.  I put my lips upon hers to waken her slowly, then passionately kiss her mouth, ears and throat.  I shift my body so that my lips trail down her chest, and I caress each breast and nipple with my tongue.  My hands are on her thighs.  My mouth feels the slight peach fuzz below her navel and I follow it.  Down."

Friday, March 2, 2012

Vintage Spankings

Vintage Spanking photos are some of the loveliest I've seen. The black and white serves to make them extra delicious. And it doesn't hurt at all the the woman being spanked in this photo has a truly lovely ass!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Dominatrix and The Cheerleader


Chapter 1 – Boy Discovers a Cheerleader
Chapter 2 – The Dominatrix and the Dean
Chapter 3 – Dominatrix, Cheerleader and Male Slaves
Chapter 4 – One More Lesson for the Cheerleader

The Dominatrix and the Cheerleader
Chapter 1 – Boy Discovers a Cheerleader
Darryl watched curiously as Amanda Forthright disappeared into the bushes near the building that housed the university's laboratory. Amanda was one of the hottest girls on campus, and didn't seem the type to do gardener's work. That she was sneaking into the tall shrubs and trees that surrounded the three-story brick building quickly got Darryl's attention.
He looked around to see whether anyone else noticed the blond cheerleader as she slipped into the greenery. Off to Darryl's left was the library, where a group of students were kicking around a small yellow sack filled with beans. They were too intent on their game to pay attention to Amanda's disappearing act. To his right was a long sidewalk, shaded by ancient oak trees. Classes were in session, so the sidewalk was largely empty of people. Only a few squirrels chattered at him from the safety of branches too high to reach. Straight ahead was the laboratory. To Darryl's back was a brick wall that had been painted white.
He looked back at the heavy wall of greenery surrounding the laboratory. Darryl knew from experience that there was a narrow pathway between the edge of the bushes and the building. The pathway was there so that the university’s maintenance crew could work on the building when necessary. Darryl had only seen maintenance people actually plow through the bushes on a couple of occasions, and that was when the pipes in the building had broken during an exceptionally harsh winter. He didn't think anyone had gone into the area since then, and that really piqued his curiosity: Why would Amanda be going into the bushes?
As he looked at the heavy stand of bushes and trees, Darryl knew that no one could see the cheerleader. If he hadn't been watching, Darryl would have walked by the spot and been none the wiser that Amanda was lurking somewhere within the bushes.
There was only a scattering of people around the campus and none seemed to be looking in his direction, so Darryl sidled up to the heavy growth and slipped between two huge bushes. He moved quietly, but quickly, stopping just short of the edge of the building. He stayed just within the bushes so that Amanda wouldn't see him.
But he could see her.
She was about 10 feet away from his position in the bushes and standing on what looked like a small wooden crate. Amanda had her fingers hooked on a window casing and was peering through the glass at something inside the laboratory. She was still wearing her cheerleader's uniform, indicating that she had probably come straight from practice on the college's football field.
The cheerleaders' uniforms were to cover only the essentials – a short, white skirt that just covered the girls' spankies, small undergarments worn to hide their asses when the cheerleaders were twisting and tumbling. A high leap by one of those girls would put a bulge in any man's pants. The outfit was complemented by a midriff-baring top, white socks and low, white sneakers. Amanda had the body to wear the uniform. She was sleek and tanned, with a small waist and big breasts. Amanda's top was strained across her chest even when she wasn't tumbling around the field. Amanda's legs were smooth, and she had a tiny diamond piercing her very visible navel. Shoulder-length blond hair capped her head, though Amanda typically kept her hair back in a tight ponytail that seemed to dance when she swung her head.
Darryl crouched low in the bushes and kept quiet while he watched to see what Amanda was up to. Something inside the laboratory had her attention, but Darryl couldn't see what she was watching.
But he could see the effect it was having on her. Darryl had an excellent side view of the young girl.
Still precarious on her perch, she unhooked her right hand from the window sill and pushed it down below her waist, and then pressed against her hand against her pubic mound. This caused Amanda's ass to push backward, and Darryl could see her butt cheeks clench. Amanda tottered for a moment on the wooden crate, but kept her grip on the window sill with her left hand and continued to push with her right hand.
Darryl's eyes goggled wide for a moment as he realized what the cheerleader was doing: Amanda was masturbating! His mouth opened slightly, a soft gasp escaped his lips.
Amanda didn't hear him. She was too focused on whatever was going on inside the laboratory. She began pushing harder with her hand and clenching her butt cheeks tighter – massaging her pussy through the thin material of her spankies.
“Oooohhh.” Her groan was low and throaty, and Darryl didn't think anyone beyond the bushes could hear her. “Oh, yeah,” she moaned. “Give it to her. Yeah. Like that.” Amanda's voice was a furious whisper, and with each moan she pushed hard against her pussy. “More. Oh, fuck yeah. Give her more!”
Still crouched, Darryl almost fell over: There was someone fucking inside the laboratory, and Amanda was watching it!
“That's it,” Amanda crooned, oblivious to Darryl's presence. “Yeah,” she said. “Give her what she wants!” Amanda rubbed her crotch hard and tipped her head back. Slowly, she worked the material of her spankies to one side and played with her pussy lips. There was a soft mound of blond fuzz over Amanda's cunt. Darryl couldn't really tell from the angle, but it looked like she had shaved her the hair on her pubic mound into a landing strip. “More,” Amanda moaned. “Please give her more!” Amanda slid her middle finger into her cunt and gripped herself hard. Her ass was tight, and she pumped hard against her hand. “More,” she murmured. “Oh, fuck yeah!”
Darryl took a deep breath and put his own hand to his crotch. He had to adjust himself; his jeans were tight, and his cock was bulging against the material. Darryl's breath came in rasps, and rubbed furiously at the front of his blue jeans. He tried at first to time is rubbing to Amanda's slower strokes, but his cock demanded harder and more frequent attention.
“Damn!” Darryl muttered it lowly so Amanda wouldn't hear him. But he needn't have worried. The cheerleader was in a world of her own; she had eyes and ears only for whatever was happening on the other side of the window pane.
“More,” Amanda moaned. “Give her more!”
Darryl knew that Amanda wasn't talking to him, but his cock seemed convinced that every word was for its benefit – it was hard as a rock. Watching the cheerleader sway precariously on the wooden crate – sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy – got the better of Darryl and his good sense. He slowly stood up, pressing hard against his cock the whole time. Darryl stroked hard, scratching with his fingernails against the material that separated his hand from his cock. But that was beginning to make him ache. “Oh, fuck.” Darryl kept his words low and carefully unzipped his pants so that he could pull his cock free. “Yeahhhh.” He didn't have any clean underwear to put on that morning and had chosen to go commando. Now he was glad of that choice. Darryl's cock sprang forward – 9 inches of throbbing meat – and he gripped it tightly in his right hand.
“Oh shit, yeah!” The words slipped out of Darry's mouth as a soft mutter as he stroked his cock slowly. A drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip, and Darryl used that to moisten the head of his cock. “That's it,” he murmured. “Oh baby.”
Amanda continued her own show, standing on the wooden crate at the laboratory window. She had her spankies completely yanked to one side, and now she was thrusting her two middle fingers into her cunt. That left the index and pinkie fingers outside to slide back and forth. Amanda's head was tilted back, and she glanced only occasionally through the window. “Yes,” she moaned. “Oh, yes.” Her fingers were slippery with her pussy juices and slid easily in and out of her cunt. “More,” Amanda moaned. “Give me more.”
Darryl was memorized by the scene: A pretty, blond cheerleader, standing on a wooden crate with two fingers in her cunt – swaying back and forth, keeping time with her ass to her thrusting fingers. Before he knew what he was doing, Darryl closed the distance between himself and Amanda. He was quiet as he did so, keeping his cock wrapped firmly in his right hand.
Closer now, Darryl stood almost directly behind the oblivious girl. Her ass was about face-level with Darryl's eyes, and she was clenching the muscles in her butt as she stroked her cunt. This time Darryl was able to match her pace, squeezing his cock each time Amanda pushed hard into herself with her own fingers. The cheerleader's skirt was short, and he could see the soft globes of her ass cheeks as her spankies were pulled deeper and deeper into the crack of her ass. The lack of tan lines let Darryl know that Amanda preferred to sunbathe in the nude.
That realization set his mind wandering, and he squeezed his cock harder as he took in the view of Amanda's long legs leading up to a firm ass. She arched her back with each thrust of her fingers. Darryl could smell the pussy juices ripe in the air surrounding them. It was a delicious aroma that swept his senses clean.
Darryl squeezed his cock harder. He didn't want to stroke it at this point, as that would make him cum too quickly. Instead, he gripped the shaft tightly, alternating between a tight squeeze and then relaxed hand. Even so, Darryl felt the stirrings of an orgasm deep in his balls. His hard-on throbbed painfully in his hand.
Darryl couldn't wait any longer. Still holding his cock in his right hand, Darryl reached out a tentative left hand. It was trembling, but he had to feel that smooth, white skin. Darryl had to touch her – had to touch Amanda's legs. They were spread slightly, and Darryl could see the soft fuzz of pubic hair. He put his fingers into the space between her legs then looked up. Above him, Amanda was still focused on her own orgasm. Her ponytail bobbed up and down as she continued stroking her cunt. Darryl watched her fingers slide in and out of her pussy, less than a couple of inches from his own fingers that were between her legs; she still didn't know that he was there. Closing the distance, Darryl let his fingers trail the silky smooth skin from between Amanda's thighs to just below her pussy. He grazed the skin lightly – a caress with just the tips of his fingers.
Amanda was startled and almost fell from her perch! “What? Oh! Oh!” She continued to hold onto the window sill with her left hand, but twisted her head and looked down at Darryl. “Oh!” Amanda's eyes were glazed. She was close to orgasm, and she bucked against her own hand. “Oh, fuck!” Amanda thrust against her hand, while at the same time, trying to focus on the young man below her. The cheerleader was dazed, almost delirious with the impending crash of orgasm.
And that's all it took for Amanda to lose her balance on the crate. Her fingers slipped from the window sill and the cheerleader fell backward against Darryl. He let go of his cock long enough to catch her, his arms around her waist and his face buried in her hair. But neither of them were ready for the short fall, and they ended up in a semi-nude tangle of sweaty arms and legs: Darryl's cock was loose, and Amanda's spankies were still yanked to one side, allowing his fingers easy access to her pussy.
“Oh my God!” Amanda's voice was still rough and throaty. She didn't scream the words out, but issued them almost as a command to Darryl. “Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck!”
The two of them were on the ground now, with Amanda on top of Darryl. Her back was to him, and his cock was still free of his pants. The throbbing organ was pressed up against Amanda's ass, and she was grinding against him. Amanda's midriff was bare, and he pulled her tightly to his chest as she writhed in his arms and moaned out curses.
“Oh fuck, I need it so bad.” Amanda twisted in his grip, but instead of trying to get away, she was pushing her ass cheeks against his cock! Darryl's throbbing shaft was lodged between the cheerleader's butt cheeks, and Amanda used her ass to stroke the organ. Darryl's eyes widened. Amanda hadn't screamed. She hadn't called out, or yelled for a rescue. Instead, it seemed as though Amanda wanted his cock inside her!
“Oh shit! Oh fuck!” Amanda still had the fingers of her right hand in her pussy, and she was stroking hard as she pressed her ass against Darryl's throbbing organ. The movement was easy, as Amanda's ass was slick with pussy juice, and the head of Darryl's cock was oozing pre-cum. “Shit. Fuck. Oh fuck me!” But though Amanda was saying the words, she wasn't moving to face Darryl. Rather, she was writhing on top of him, masturbating her pussy with one hand and clutching her breasts with the other. The cheerleader's ass cheeks clenched and released his cock in time with her own sliding fingers.
Darryl grunted underneath Amanda, and pushed hard against her ass. He wanted so badly to slide his cock inside her pussy. “Oh, baby,” moaned. “Yeah. Just keep doing that.” The spankies the cheerleader wore under her short skirt had slipped deep into Amanda's ass crack, but they were not a barrier to Darryl's probing cock. He pushed hard against the girl's butthole, trying to find an entry, but Amanda's ass was too tight, and she was squirming too hard for Darryl line his cock up correctly.
The two college students were so wrapped up in trying to fuck one another, that they didn't see the dark-haired woman peering at them as they writhed on the ground below the window.
Chapter 2 – The Dominatrix and the Dean
“Reginald! Take the gag out of your mouth and come here!” Professor Alicia Flowers snapped her fingers at a short, balding man who lay naked on the floor. Reginald had a ballgag in his mouth and one hand wrapped around his rigid cock. Only when she said his actual name was he to look up at his Mistress.
Deep down, Reginald knew that he was in love Alicia, though he would never dare say her name out loud. That was a strict rule: She was Domina, Dominatrix, Mistress or Professor. He had never uttered her first name in her presence.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Woman's Ass in Latex

I love a Woman's Ass when it's sheathed in Latex. It is so beautiful! The second skin caresses and teases me. I want it so bad!